Party in a Book: Spots, Dots, and Stripes

Everything you need to throw a party! 

DIY: Hundreds of perforated paper pieces, easy to assemble in dozens of ways to create your perfect party. Simply punch out the shapes desired, add some glue and string and you can make garlands, cupcake toppers, tray covers, chains, gift wrap, invitations, labels, tags, boxes, and much more. Assemble crowns instead of garlands with the same simple pieces. Children or adults alike will delight in your chic colorful accessories.

Author, designer, and illustrator Rebecca Emberley loves to throw a party! With her "Party in a Book" series, Rebecca shares her tricks and tips with paper to throw a quick and easy party—even including a few food and drink recipes to complement your Spots, Dots, and Stripes!

Title: Party in a Book: Spots, Dots, and Stripes
Published: 2015
Author: Rebecca Emberley