April 30, 2024

DIY Your Party
the Rebecca Emberley Way

Author, designer, and illustrator Rebecca Emberley loves to throw a party. With her “Party in a Book” series, Rebecca shares her tricks and tips with paper to throw a quick and easy party.

Using colorful spots, dots, and stripes, you can use just paper, glue and some string to create chic colorful accessories, such as garlands, cupcake toppers, tray covers, chains, gift wrap, invitations, labels, tags, boxes, and much more. Read Party in a Book: Spots, Dots, and Stripes to find out more.

If your party is more of a masquerade, then look no further than Party in a Book: Masquerade. This creative, colorful book contains eight basic masks and hundreds of accoutrements. Horns and branches, feathers and beaks, flowers and leaves, all die-cut perforated pieces ready to be popped out and put together to create your own unique mask. There is also a link in the book which you can follow to download more printable pieces if you want to expand the party. DIY fun for both children and adults!

How about a piñata party? Rebecca’s book Piñata! will show you everything you need for a piñata party, including instructions on how to build your very own unique piñata, primed to burst and shower partygoers with fun surprises. All the words in this book appear in book English and Spanish, perfect for adding authenticity and fun to your fiesta!